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All revenue is shared between eligible holders! BNB rewards are automatically reflected to holders as purchases are instantly burned.

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Use 1% slippage by adding ".00" to amount of tokens.

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Contract tokenomics

All revenue-streams on the platform will use the $SPACES token as payment method and by doing so trigger the rewards of the tokenomics. With 7-10% BNB rewards, holders should continue to be rewarded of the reflections.

7-10% BNB rewards

Reflected to holders in BNB.

4% Marketing fee

Marketing fee to recruit astronauts.

1% Product fee

Dev fee to secure development.


Revenue sharing platform

Using the $SPACES token users may purchase products on the platform (account upgrades, advertisements, double voting etc.). The payment is taxed like a sell order to reward holders and the rest of the tokens are instantly burned.

Rewards calculations

Est. 840.58% APY

The estimated Annual Percentage Yield is based on $100,000 daily volume through PancakeSwap and/or purchases on the platform.

Min. holdings for rewards is 5m tokens.

Tokens held Holding and percentage BNB Rewards in USD Based on $100,000 daily volume Position cost $SPACES @ $0.000000535
100,000,000 0.01449% Daily: $1.23 Yearly: $449.64 $53.49 Buy 100m tokens
200,000,000 0.02899% Daily: $2.46 Yearly: $899.28 $106.98 Buy 200m tokens
300,000,000 0.04348% Daily: $3.70 Yearly: $1,348.91 $160.47 Buy 300m tokens
400,000,000 0.05797% Daily: $4.93 Yearly: $1,798.55 $213.97 Buy 400m tokens
500,000,000 0.07246% Daily: $6.16 Yearly: $2,248.19 $267.46 Buy 500m tokens
600,000,000 0.08696% Daily: $7.39 Yearly: $2,697.83 $320.95 Buy 600m tokens
700,000,000 0.10145% Daily: $8.62 Yearly: $3,147.46 $374.44 Buy 700m tokens
800,000,000 0.11594% Daily: $9.86 Yearly: $3,597.10 $427.93 Buy 800m tokens
900,000,000 0.13043% Daily: $11.09 Yearly: $4,046.74 $481.42 Buy 900m tokens
1,000,000,000 0.14493% Daily: $12.32 Yearly: $4,496.38 $534.92 Buy 1,000m tokens

Follow our roadmap

Roadmap to the biggest social crypto networking platform.


Token launchpad
Development in multiple stages.

Stage 1: FFA (no-fee) contract
Free deployment of contract with rewards in $SPACES.

Stage 2: Launchpad & contracts
Paid contract deployment, customization, airdrop and launchpad.

Stage 3: Liquidity locker
Custom liquidity locker with coin-space integration for transparency.

Stage 4: Contract competitions
Billboard competitions for most successfull launches.
NFT marketplace
Development in multiple stages.

Stage 1: Contract deployment
$SPACES NFT contract development and deployement.

Stage 2: Minting
NFT minting through the $SPACES NFT contract.

Stage 3: Listing
Custom NFT direct sales listings and paid promotional services.

Stage 4: NFT competitions
Surprise prizes for the most successfull sales and NFTs.

NFT utility collection
Posts modifications and profile design. 10,000 unique NFTs with traits integratable with the platform.
Account stickers and badges
Timed bundles of stickers and badges to enhance user gamification experience throughout the platform.
Roadmap archive

Platform features

Every feature expected on a social network with integrated web3 functionality.

Community boards

Coin spaces

Join your favourite community in their new online space, check team members, find information and share updates.

Live DEX integrated chart
0x integrated swap
Communication board
View trending spaces
Portfolio tracker

Portfolio tracking

Easy tracking of all your coins and tokens in real time to simplify your investment overview.

1-click wallet connect
24/7 value tracking
Ethereum and Binance
Open portfolio
User profiles

Community platform

Everything expected from a social network including shares, likes, following and followers.

Follow and connect with users
Join your favourite spaces
Stay informed and updated


Easy, safe and quick launchpad to secure investors and add value to developers.

Free contract deployer
$SPACES holders whitelist
Supporting marketing

Join a community of astronauts

Buy and hold $SPACES to unlock the full platform experience.

Where to buy?
Download MetaMask

1. Create a wallet

We recommend using MetaMask as that's what we'll show in this guide but you should be able to follow along with Trust Wallet as well.

1. Download the application to your phone or install their extension on Google Chrome.
2. Now open the wallet and select a password.
3. Reveal your secret phrase and write it down on a piece of paper. Make sure to keep this phrase safe and secure.
4. Enter the secret phrase you just wrote down.
5. You now have a wallet
Connect MetaMask to BSC

2. Connect MetaMask to BSC

After wallet installation your wallet will by default be connected to the Ethereum network.

We need to add Binance Smart Chain network.

1. Open MetaMask and click on your account avatar.
2. Select Settings at the bottom of the menu.
3. Scroll down and click on Networks.
4. Scroll down and click Add network.
5. Enter the following exact information:
Chain ID
6. Click Save.
Swap $SPACES on PancakeSwap

3. Send BNB to MetaMask

Using your favourite crypto exchange you'll need to buy and send BNB (BEP20) to your new wallet address in MetaMask.

We recommend Coinbase, Binance or

1. Buy BNB on your favourite exchange.
2. Copy your MetaMask wallet address.
3. Transfer BNB from your exchange to MetaMask.
4. Wait for BNB to arrive in MetaMask.
Swap $SPACES on PancakeSwap

3. Swap BNB for $SPACES

Using the decentralised exchange PancakeSwap you'll now convert your BNB to $SPACES.

2. Update your slippage to 15%.
Slippage may be update by clicking on the icon. To understand what slippage is please read about it here.
3. Click on Connect Wallet and accept in MetaMask.
4. Enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap.
5. Click on Swap and accept in MetaMask.
6. Wait for the transaction to succeed.
7. You'll now receive your $SPACES tokens.

Our team

Get to know the AstroSpaces LLC team.

Hiring for office: SoMe manager Location Aarhus, Denmark

Contact Jonathan Stoker for more information.

Jonathan Stoker

Jonathan Stoker

Lead developer

Jonathan is the founder and creator of the AstroSpaces platform and part owner of AstroSpaces LLC. Jonathan is the lead developer and working full-time on the project.

View profile
Frederik Filskov

Frederik Filskov

Passive investor

Frederik is an early passive investor and part owner of AstroSpaces LLC. While new to the crypto space Frederik provided funding to secure ongoing development.

Coming soon

Verified on our platform

We're happy to welcome any and all public figures / influencers / tokens profiles / team members to be verified on our platform!

Most asked questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. aims to become the biggest online community and social network for the crypto space with integrated web3 support.

There's a 12% tax on buys and 15% tax on sells. On both buy and sell 4% tax for marketing and 1% for development. On buys a 7% tax is applied for BNB rewards. On sells a 10% tax is applied for BNB rewards.

$SPACES is directly integrated with the platform with an continuously growing features base. Holding $SPACES allows for lower transaction fees, removal of advertisements, double voting and much more.

Rewards will automatically be sent directly to your wallet. Each wallet may only receive automatic rewards once each 24 hours or by manually claim at any time from your account navigation.

You can only buy and sell $SPACES tokens on Pancakeswap.

There's no limitations on transaction on $SPACES token but transfering tokens from one wallet to another will deduct sale taxes.

Yes. We only store your public address and never save any sensitive information about your wallet. If anyone request to access information such as private key or secret phrase you should instantly contact support.

Anyone can list their token/coin on Once your coin reaches 25 upvotes it will be public on our platform to everyone.

Unable to connect to wallet

Please connect using a browser inside your wallet or simply use your computer to connect.

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