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Our roadmap archive

We've archived our entire roadmap since launch for you to follow the progress we're making.


FFA (no-fee) contract
Free deployment of contracts with rewards in $SPACES. Fairlaunch with tiered whitelists.
Paid contract
Paid token contract deployment. No launchpad features except deployment.

News API integration
News articles integration through all popular news media websites.
Purchasable trending spot
Advertisements in the trending bar for advertisers purchasable by $SPACES.
22nd of January
Performance upgrades
Server upgrade to sustain growing platform traffic and users.
25th of January
Purchasable KYC
Open KYC to all platform users directly through the integration.
9th of April

Complete rebranding
7th of January
First CEX listing
10th of January · Visit Xeggex
Flooz listing
10th of January · Visit Flooz
CoinMarketCap listing
8th of January
CoinGecko listing
10th of January

OpenSea API integration
18th of November
NFT platform integration
OpenSea NFT integration to allow users to use minted/owned NFTs verified in posts.
2nd of December
Audit partners integration
Audit profile and dashboard with API access to submit and verify audit authenticity
14th of December
Reach 30,000 users
13th of January

0x swap integration
11th of November
Reach 25,000 registered users
14th of November
Referral system
12th of November
KYC team integration
16th of November

Influencer outreach
Reach 10,000 registered users
11th of October
VIP community integration
4th of November
$SPACES payment integration
3rd of November

Reach 2,500 registered users
16th of September
Listing on Coingecko
18th of August
Community platform launch
21th of September
First influencer on-board
28th of September

New visual identity
5th of August
Launch of new website
5th of August
Reach 500 registered users
11th of September
Coins listing and charting tool
14th of August
Published TechRate audit
8th of August
Listing on CoinMarketCap
18th of August

Launch of initial website
1st of August
Deployment of contract
1st of August
Creation of liquidity pool
1st of August
Lock of the liquidity pool
1st of August
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